Saturday, July 10, 2010

new stuff!!

so, today i got my ears pierced. but that's not why i'm writing.
i'm going to pick up the new discs from the plant on monday (i hope), and i've been working on the booklet for the new solo album tonight (the other booklets are much smaller and are done).
i've been drumming for a band in montreal called sissyfist . (the name is a hidden link....) (pretty sneaky eh? i do that sometimes...)
also southern souls finished the video and i really like it. it's for a song called 'in front of the t.v. you can watch it by clicking on this word . the song also appears on a compilation called 'can i punk mail my heart' that i'm pretty sure you can get a copy of here .
i'm planning on starting to book a tour for september. i'd like to go out east and back. if you've got a house, or know of a house/not a bar, that's a fun place to play for a queer tranny, i'd love to hear about it and maybe we can set something up.
so things are coming. hopefully the video and the sissyfist recordings whet your appetite for more...

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  1. Kit, I just saw you at the fundraiser Saturday night... so happy to find a copy of 'In Front of the TV'... thank you so much.