Sunday, December 13, 2009

eureka! the album!

finally it's here!
i haven't figured out how to make it so y'all can download it, but you can listen to it here. i'm excited. this is the band i was in with tegan (violin) and mike (drums). we only played a few shows, but they were memorable. if anyone that's really saavy with computers can tell me a good way to make it so people can download this please contact me . cheers. the songs are short, with quick changes and odd time signatures. some of them are real pretty. i hope you enjoy it...

Thursday, November 5, 2009

the rain

a new story book. this one is about a time when all the world was rain. and all the world turned grey. and all the sounds i made were the rain because the only sound i heard was the rain. and the miraculous turn of events that lead to....
well, i don't want to ruin the ending. it's available through the mailorder for now, other places soon. yup.

new things!

sometime soon, changes of state will be available through and and i went to the local music store and now all the albums i have in print (may all yr children be dragons, hands and feat(s), and changes of state are available from a store (!) called ground floor music locate at 13 quebec st. in guelph. i have three shows coming up. check it:

november 28- 178 york rd. guelph w/ partytime, bethanne fischer, and dave hudson 7pm
pwyc benefit show for the brantneighbourhood group
november 29- the tranzac toronto w/ the doesy does 2:30 pm
december 11- the ship hamilton w/tba 9pm (i'll get back to y'all)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thursday, October 15, 2009

links and a video and links!

so a bit ago the first ever chris yang video was made by mitch at phil's house. phil plays in a sweet band called lakeriser. it was a really fun show, i was a bit tired and grumpy, so apologies way too late to anyone i may have had an odd interaction with... sorry. i was real excited to be playing a show in hamilton with two ladies on the bill who played AMAZING sets. awesome to see. i hope i hope there is lots more. y'know? so so check out these links as well secret annie shaw and and sarah good.
oh yeah. the video is here.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

autumn in gwuh-elph.

brings the promise of new love...
since i last did this here internet updating thing... i basically had a sweet august.
and september has been for the most part amazing. i have just finished a book of poems called 'four heavens' which you can find in the release section of this blooog. coming soon is another story book, and a whole lot of music. a whole lot.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

changes of state

changes of state is an eight song e.p. i recorded sometime in the winter. there is a booklet that has eight pictures in it that i think would make an excellent short film (attention film makers!) it's pretty bare bones but my friends seem to love it. which ultimately is what counts. you can hear some of the tracks on myspace and you can order it by e-mailing me at, it's 6 bucks in the mail or interesting trades.

the story of the mountain and the cloud

the story of the mountain and the cloud is a picture book about a mountain who overhears snippets of storied from passing clouds and wishes to hear more. due to the speed of clouds versus the speed of mountains this proves to be difficult. you can hear me read it here , by contacting sarah mangle. the interview happened in may 2009. the cost of the book is 3-6 or interesting trades. yup.

WHOA! A webspace....

so it happened, this is a website that i'm going to post updates about shows, goings on, new projects and how to get a hold of them. currently i'm recording some and writing some in guelph. i just finished a new story book called 'the story of the mountain and the cloud' and i just finished an e.p. called changes of state. until i figure out how to use paypal stuff with this here blog, you can e-mail me at to order it. more info on those will be above this post? or below? sheesh, internet...