Thursday, June 6, 2013

well newish. new in april.

Check it out!!


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

upcoming performances!

thursday november 15 at the holy oak 1241 bloor st. w.  with richard laviolette and grapefruit colour
drs at 9 show at 9:30 $5-$10 more info here

tuesday november 20 trans day of rememberance at the 519 church st. community centre   happening
at the 519 from 7-9 , i so excited to be asked to perform a few songs to help mark the day !

thursday november 22 certain days calendar launch at the hallam st. house in toronto. also stoked to be asked! show starts at 7 (i think...) pwyc (fer sure).


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

So this coming Thursday, not tomorrow, but the one after, I'm gonna be playing a show at the Holy Oak, in Toronto,  with Richard Laviolette as part of a series of fundraiser shows being put on by Sarah Mangle to help make a movie about her gay aunts in Vermont. It'll be great!

Richard also just helped me record a few songs that I'm mixing very slowly... :-)
put put goes the kit machine...

till next time


Sunday, October 28, 2012

october october

as always, it's been awhile. hey folks.
i just finished a well spaced out string of speaking/reading/singing presentations with a wonderful new collaborator elisha lim . they were fabulous company for our intense and lovely presentation about transitioning, isolation and how we've learned to cope or not cope with those things. we went to a few university classrooms and some community spaces around ontario. what a great and terrifying thing it was to be seen as worthy of speaking to a trans experience in classrooms. thank you everyone that came out!
in ottawa a person approached me and asked if i had written the last song i played. the song was in front of the tv. he mentioned that just before he came to the presentation, his brother had been playing that very song in his living room! what an amazing complement! i'm deeply moved that people relate so much to that song. thanks.

in other exciting news, i have a new zine, ancient water, new land, which is available for mail order if someone should so desire. also i reprinted four heavens and the rain, so there are lots and lots of copies of those as well should y'all want so light reading.

more soon!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


the download links have been updated! finally. i have to admit that i find it funny that shortly after i get all of the albums on line, which took about two years longer than i said it would, mega upload get's shut down. thanks to the internet archive we're a go. sorry to anyone that got impatient or annoyed.
: )

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


hey folks. it has been almost exactly one year since i posted. so i've been a little slow with the creativing. it happens. i have however finally posted my albums for free download which i think i told about ten people i'd do in two weeks more than a year ago. i'm sorry it took so long folks. but they are here. check in the releases section. there still remains one album i want to post, but that'll come soon. as well i plan on putting up the pdf's of the zines. maybe sometime soon i'll make something new. transitioning (from male to female) has proven quite a distraction. who knew?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Free Comp!

hey folks. it's been a while since i've updated, but i've got a good one this time.
a free compilation, featuring yours truly and a whole bunch of other great artists.
it's called 'can i punk mail my heart' available here