Tuesday, May 4, 2010

i have not forgotten you, blog...

for anyone that's curious...
it's been ages since i wrote anything on this blog. it seems weird to me to update a website that is about me when not much has been going on in regards to the art that i make. more personally, i just moved to montreal in december. i moved. that was a big thing... but some small updates...
there are three albums reeeeealllly close to being done or that are done and just need to be pressed:
1. kit wilson-yang and germaine liu
2. chris yang and sarah ayton - little brown
3. the very first kit wilson-yang solo album... yup.

southern souls just filmed some songs today, so some videos will be coming soon and drawn and quarterly has copies of 'the rain' and 'the story of the mountain and the cloud'
more things soon, and hopefully more zines in more places.

lots of love


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